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Six of Crows Review

This is my first post/review on my new blog on one of my recent YA favourites. I hope it’s not too bad of a read and maybe for those who haven’t read it will pick it up.

There’s certainly been a lot of hype around this duology and this author’s works in general. Does it live up to the hype? I’ll certainly say so, yes. The book is wonderful, the fantasy world itself that the author created is certainly interesting with technology of the early 20th century compared to the usual late Middle Ages to early Renaissance kind of world. 

I found myself really digging in all of the main characters. The author has managed to make me like all six of them and I’m actually glad at some certain risks that have been taken from the usual young-adult fantasy. It’s also told from lots of different perspectives which is a bit unusual for YA, but oh boi does this author make it work so well. It’s actually wonderfully unique tat each character is so brilliantly unique.

Kaz Brekker is this criminal prodigy who normally has to walk with the cane due to a disability(he has a limp), which simply makes him even more awesome. Although romance is only hinted at, every time Kaz and Inej, or even Matthias and Nina come together to speak alone is simply the sweetest things ever. It is very different to some books that have characters kissing and saying ‘I love you’ right in the get go, but characters like Kaz can’t bring himself to say, or do such things which is sometimes heartbreaking yet also shows that everyone is different in showing affection. 

I also found myself loving all the backstory woven into it with ease. In some books that I have read, backstories can often be dull and can drag for ages, but in this book, they are in such short snippets at a time, which I’m so grateful for as I feel like I’m constantly learning more about the characters as the story goes on and it isn’t all presented in a single blob.

The writing itself is quite good and I was hooked into the story with the heist. There were times where I was praying for them, others where I was just so upset and shocked(like the ending, no spoilers). It’s also interesting how the characters are driven by greed for money, yet they also seem to all love each other so damn much no matter what some of them may say to each other at times and it’s just so wonderful and makes me want to hug them sometimes, and slap them in the face in other times.

This book is part of a wonderful duology and if you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it and I will be posting the review for the next book in a few days time.



Hmmm... This sounds like an interesting book. Very good review of the six of crows.

1w ago

If you like YA fantasy, it’s probably worth a shot.

1w ago

In reply to zitongbooks

Yessss! I am a huge fan of YA novels!

1w ago